Tips To Upgrade Your Wedding And Family Photos 

Nowadays, it all boils down to the game of who has the best pictures on social media. Having one of the most liked images on social media means that you have a novel concept. Having more likes also means that your picture abides by conventions of style. Most importantly, your picture conveys more than meets the eye.  





Are you having internal struggles with how to decide on what pictures to post? Don’t know how to take a good picture? Read up on this list and get that picture you’ve always wanted.  


Plan Well 

When are you going on your next escapade with your spouse? When will you go to the beach with your family? Upgrade your vacation pictures by a notch by planning well. 


Check out the location beforehand and look for the spots where you can take great pictures. If you can think of novel angles, that would be better.  


Go Out Of The Usual  

What are the usual poses people tend to do? You usually see jump shots for group pictures, dive pictures during beach vacations, and so on.  


Set yourself apart by doing something different.  




You can also create a signature pose for you and your spouse. You can even think of a signature pose for your family. When someone looks at your social media feed, people will instantly set you apart from the rest. Your pose will be something that is uniform for every vacation or every travel.  


Get Creative 

For others, continually curating social media feed can be exhausting. If you think of preparing and posting pictures as an outlet for your creative juices, it gets more enjoyable. Often, you even look forward to your next outing.  


Tell A Story 

Another pro tip to upgrade your wedding and family photos is by telling a story. More than just having another travel picture, you can improve your family pictures by saying WHY or HOW you got there in the first place.  


While taking your wedding pictures, portray your love story through images. Your photos don’t have to be stiff all the time.  


Another way to go about it is by taking pictures of real moments between family members. People on social media want authenticity. Taking (and posting) candid pictures of family members show what kind of person you are. It shows that you are family-oriented. It can also show that you are a jovial individual.  


Taking candid pictures is also the best way to go for your wedding pictures. Show your personality as a couple through your photographs.  


Take Another Shot 

Think of it as an insurance shot. When you get home, you might not want some of the pictures you took. Having another shot assures you that you have exhausted all possible shots in a given location. You also have more shots to use for your social media feed.  




At the end of the day, upgrading your wedding and family pictures to another level is not that hard. You just have to use your creative juices and our list of tips to curate your feed. You will surely get more likes and appreciation on social media.