7 Tips For Capturing Love During A Couples Photo Shoot 

Couple photography is like producing a visual storybook–a story of love, fondness and a happily ever after. The intimate emotions and deep connection between the couple are always interesting subjects to capture. However, it can be quite difficult to catch these subjects. Difficulty increases when the lovebirds are not naturals when it comes to posing in front of the camera. 


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Since relationships are unique from one another, capturing these relationships and doing couples photoshoots also varies. It can be a challenging project–from conceptualizing to post-production photo processing. However, with this article, we provide you seven tips for capturing love during a couple’s photo shoot: 


Plan The Theme 

First things first, you and your clients should be able to agree and finalize on a specific theme or mood throughout the shoot. It will serve as your guide and blueprint to having a smooth photo shoot.  


Having a detailed plan of action to be utilized during your photoshoot will enable you and your clients to avoid or minimize confusion, and to have a concrete and solid strategy. 


Study The Love Birds 

One important thing to do to capture the love flawlessly is to study your clients. Observe their actions and habits and device a plan to integrate these observations in the shoot to make it more natural.  


You may also question the couple directly. What are the couple’s common interests? What are their goals in the future? Getting to know your clients will give you a general idea of their love story and be able to reflect that in the photos. 


Choose The Perfect Location 

Decide whether it will be a studio photoshoot or not. For photoshoots done outside the studio, select a location that will best fit your theme. It might be more challenging to perform the shoot outside of a studio as you cannot control the environment.  


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Explore the area before the actual session. Study the lighting situation around the location, and determine the best angles and other elements that are essential for the shoot. 


Ready Your Equipment 

Consider all situations that might occur during the photo shoot, and be prepared ahead of these situations. Select the equipment that will best fit the theme and location conditions. Selecting the equipment also extends to props, accessories, and other things that will be utilized during the session. Create a checklist for the equipment and ready and prepare them ahead of time. 


Clothing Matters 

Remind the couple to don clothing that follows their selected theme. Encourage them to wear clothing that they are comfortable in. It will help lessen their discomfort during the shoot and will give them extra confidence.  


Direct The Couple 

Couples may find it difficult to figure out how to pose in front of the camera. Instead of waiting for them to decide, step up and direct your models. Instruct them on how they will pose, what facial expression to wear, what angle to turn to, and all other necessary instructions that will most flatter them and create the best output. 


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Details Matter 

Even the tiniest details can make a huge difference. Whether it is the specific number of rings and bracelets your model wears or the position of the autumn leaves in the models’ background. Look into the camera lens, and study the entire frame. Take into consideration every detail, and alter them as necessary. 


Post-Production Work 

Post-production will give the final touches in the output. Edit the photos in such a way that it helps deliver the message powerfully. Filter the images that will best express the love and the relationship. Be careful in manipulating the photos though. Sometimes too much manipulation can deviate you from your theme and lead to over-edited images.