Does Online Therapy Work?

Heard about online therapy? Online therapy, virtual counseling, or e-therapy? These terms mean quite the same. Online therapy and counseling are interchangeably used often.


This is a story about how I knew and understood a convenient way to help people overcome mental health issues through e therapy.

Sometimes, we come across people who would open our eyes to some things we’re not aware of.

In this article, we will get to know more about online counseling or therapy. What does online counseling entail? Who benefits from online counseling? Is online counseling for everyone? And how does online counseling work?

E-counseling, virtual therapy, or online counseling – whichever term you want to use – we have inspiring stories to tell about it.

The Online Therapy Benefits

The nice thing about my profession is that it allows me to meet a lot of people who have unique stories and experiences. What makes it even more lovable is that I get to take great photographs of these people. Obviously, these individuals are strangers to me, but somehow we find a way to connect with one another. Through my profession, which is online counseling, I was able to meet several clients. Surprisingly, some of them have touched my life completely.

Online counseling is something we should better understand. This type of therapy – online counseling or therapy – is relevant for families, friends, and other relationships. Online counseling is effective for most mental disorders. More about online counseling below.

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Photography is not for everyone, which is why some people still fail at it and suffer from resentment. No matter how much a person tries to excel in a profession, he would just fail and the frustration worsens. Frustration can be debilitating. Frustration can throw one’s focus away from the goal. So, what is frustration?



Have you suffered from frustration? Do you know what frustration is? Frustration can lead to sadness or even depression. Frustration happens to anyone with any profession, including photography. Let’s learn more about frustrations here and how you can help someone suffering from frustration.

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