Does Online Therapy Work?

Heard about online therapy? This is a story about how I knew and understood a convenient way to help people overcome mental health issues through online therapy.

A man who goes to therapy happily holding a camera taking a picture

Sometimes, we come across people who would open our eyes to the things we’re not aware of.

Knowing Online Therapy

The nice thing about my profession is that it allows me to meet a lot of people who have unique stories and experiences. What makes it even more lovable is that I get to take great photographs of these people. Obviously, these individuals are strangers to me, but somehow we find a way to connect with one another. Through my profession, I was able to meet several clients. Surprisingly, some of them have touched my life completely.

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Counseling for Frustrated Photographers (Nourishing Your Mental Health)

Photography is not for everyone, which is why some people still fail miserably at it. Sometimes, no matter how much a person tries to excel in a profession, he would just fail for so many reasons. When this happens, this does not mean that the said person is unskilled. A possible conclusion is that he has chosen the wrong career to invest his time and efforts.


Try to look around you and see if some people in your life are not happy with their decisions. Do you have a brother who failed in pursuing a career in photography? In this article, we are going to discuss some of the tips and tricks on how you can help someone who has many frustrations in his life:

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