Four Most Precious Scenes Your Wedding Photographer Must Capture   

A wedding is one of the most beautiful occasions you can have or be a part of. It is a celebration not only of the official union of two individuals in love, but likewise the coming together of all the family, friends, and guests that would be witnesses to the couple’s vow of love. Indeed, one’s wedding day is a momentous milestone that carries a hopeful chapter and a new beginning for more beautiful stories to be written.  




Thus, it is essential that this ceremony is exquisitely captured and can be relived anytime through photos and videos.  


Here are four of the most precious scenes on your wedding day that you and your photographer must capture:  


  1. On The Day Preparations Of Groom And Bride 

The hours right before the wedding ceremony could be the most exciting and at the same time, most nerve-wracking hours of your life. It is the time where your families and friends intimately come together in your room to accompany and assist you as you prepare for the big day.  


Here, fond memories with your bridesmaids and groomsmen are recalled, and the hope for memories still to be made is celebrated. Footages hours before the wedding in your preparation rooms could capture your most genuine and raw backstage moments.  


  1. Bride’s Walk Down The Aisle 

The most iconic scene in a wedding is that of the bride graciously walking down the aisle and the teary-eyed groom staring in awe and delight. It is at this time where your guests likewise experience heightened emotions of pride, happiness, and well-wishes for you and your spouse-to-be.  


Capturing this moment will memorialize the dramatic entrance of the bride and the special genuine reactions and emotions of everyone in the room. Here are some of the best wedding videos that are captured the first time the groom and bride see each other down the aisle. 


  1. Exchange Of Wedding Vows

The core of the wedding is the promise to be made at the ceremony – the commitment to love and take care of one another for better and for worse. Indeed, your marriage will go through great highs and gloomy lows, but you must always remember the vow you made and the promise to try your best to keep this vow continuously.  




Having a recording of the vows exchanged and the emotions and sincerity felt through the video will bring back one of the most magical and once in a lifetime moment of your life.  


  1. After Party

Indeed, the reception with the sumptuous food and well-planned program plays a huge role in the success of the event. However, many may agree that the party after the reception is equally as important. Here, the formality between guests lay low, and everyone is free to dance and be merry!  


Try to request your photographer to stay a bit later because of the funny moments on the dance floor and the bar must be captured. Certainly, the formal program must be documented, but we should always remember that sometimes the magic and beauty in capturing moments lie in the rawness and spontaneity of the subject.  


Additional Tip:   

Often, we barely document our journey in planning for the wedding. We think that the taste-testing, venue scouting, and meetings are common steps towards the big day. However, it is highly suggested that you personally capture these moments so that one day you can relive the moments that made your wedding possible and the beautiful journey you had in doing so.  




Invest in capturing the journey towards the moments of your big day through your wedding photographer and other various innovative means because when you show these to the next generations and even have it flashed on your 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries, you will feel the return of one of your best investments.