Our Life In A Photograph

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“The thing is each one of us is the total of every moment that we ever experienced, with all the people we’ve ever known, and it’s these moments that become our history, like our own personal greatest hits of memories,” a line from a Hollywood movie, “The Vow.” Indeed, we are but a memory, and we are lucky that our technology, nowadays, lets us capture our precious moments. Today, we can go back to these memories through photographs.


There are special events in our lives we worth remembering. These are moments when we feel the happiest, moments that happened for the first time, moments when our firstborn did his first tooth, and all the moments that would bring a smile to our faces.


Someday, we will all be looking back to something, and it’s a great feeling to be able to have something to remember those memories.


Moments worth capturing:

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Having a photograph of the day a baby was born is heart melting, capturing the innocence and the promise of a life full of happiness ahead. Developmental milestones should also be obtained like the first tooth, first step, first haircut and more. The first birthday is even a moment to remember as it is a symbol of overcoming all the challenges within the first year when all the dramatic changes happen to our little angels.


Also, firsts are not just for your babies but for you too, like your first travel, first tequila, first attempt to cook your husband’s favorite meal, first bungee jumping, and all the firsts you can think about. It is nice to keep photographs of these moments to remember that one day, you did something for the first time.




Achievements are worth capturing because they make us remember the feeling of pride and victory, may they be small or life-changing. Capture the moment your son won a baseball game, the day he won a quiz bee, the day you were promoted, or the day you bought your house. These moments are essential to help us remember how good we were and how good we can be.


Graduation is an achievement. It could mean your final day in school as a student, but it could also mean a new beginning. Someday, you will surely miss the familiar faces, and it’s nice to have photographs of the people you shared fun times with.


Special Events


Special events like birthdays, graduation day and wedding day are momentous events that should be captured in photographs. These are extra special days in our lives that marked a new chapter.


Your birthday is the only day of the year when you have it for yourself. Capture the faces of the people you cherish and the people who made sure your day is extra special.


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Wedding days are always extraordinary. It is a day when two hearts beat as one. It is a beginning of your journey with your better half, making your vows to love one another and to live together and start a family. It is indeed an important day, and capturing it in a photograph could one day make us remember the overflowing love and happiness.