Defining Self-Discovery Through The 2014 Oklahoma City Writing Workshop

Some people say that a pen and paper is the key to within. The 2014 Oklahoma City writing workshop made this evident. This workshop consisted of activities that not only sharpen your writing skills but also helped you understand yourself more. Here are some of the best takeaways to take note off.

We Write What We Know

When you think of a topic to write, it is usually about something you already know. We always start from an idea that we’ve experienced or heard off. Through writing, you dig deeper into discovering your interests, habits, fears, and worries. It opens up a door for you to find out who you are as a person. It serves as space for you to question your experiences and the knowledge you already know.


Peace And Self-Reflection

Writing often leaves a person in peace. To show their feelings and thoughts freely allows them to reflect on themselves. This peace also becomes a powerful tool for concentration. Thus, it puts the individual into a state of meditation. It calms your mind and opens you to questions such as your purpose in life. With such concentration, you become capable of identifying and clarifying your core values in life. This is quite helpful in writing especially when you wish to write about values such as love, kindness, compassion, loyalty or others.

You Open Your Heart

Our emotions let loose when we write. Being in such a state gives life to our writings; this makes it easier for our audience to imagine. By channeling out your emotions through writing, you allow yourself to let go of such feelings whether good or bad. Once you have done your piece, you can figure out what you’ve been going through.


When you write, it doesn’t have to be something completely formal. By writing informally, you open up the opportunity to discover yourself. Come to this workshop in the future if you wish to understand yourself more.