The Art Of Couples Counseling

If there is one thing that I love about my job, it is the fact that I get to take photos of couples. My clients are usually composed of lovers who are planning to get married or spouses who are still starting their own family. It makes me happy whenever I take portraits of these people because I can see happiness in their eyes. I love how their eyes sparkle as they express their love for each other.


In my years of experience as a photographer, I can say that I have been exposed enough to different stories of people. I have seen former clients who have stayed together for a long time while others have decided to part ways. At this point, you are probably wondering why I still get updates about the lives of my previous customers. Fortunately, most of them like my services that is why they often return to me for photography needs. At the same time, most of them also became my friends over time.


One of the lessons I learned from them is the art of couples counseling. Many of my clients claim that this form of therapy has helped them a lot in saving their marriages.




When Is The Best Time To Avail This?


When the spouses in marriage start to feel resentment and hatred against each other, the best thing to do is to ask for the help and assistance of a professional marriage counselor. These negative feelings may increase over time, especially if no one is guiding the husband and wife.


Before they decide to separate, it is necessary that they go through couples counseling first. A lot of marriages have been saved after completing several sessions with a marriage counselor. “While divorce may be necessary and the healthiest choice for some, others may wish to try to salvage whatever is left of the union.” A reminder from Donna M. White, LMHC, CACP.




 What To Expect Out Of It?


Couples counseling is usually composed of twelve sessions. It is a short-term therapy, wherein each session has a specific goal to meet. However, there are times when the therapist may require an extension of the number of sessions. Always keep in mind that this matter depends on the attending circumstances of each case. Julie Williams, Psy.D. also said, “Even better, these insights and skills that you’ll gain from marriage counseling and couples therapy can have great and lasting benefits in your other relationships, including in your relationships with colleagues, children, and other family members.”


During the sessions, the couples will be reminded of the reasons why they decided to marry each other. All the concerns and problems in the marital union will be discussed, such as infidelity, financial issues, and constant arguments. The spouses are expected to participate in all the activities so that they can save the relationship.




How Does It End?


The truth is that not all couples who go through this form of therapy can get back together. Sometimes, there are just broken relationships that could no longer be saved. Nonetheless, the success rate for couples counseling is still high. Because of this, many couples still consider talking to a therapist so that they can see where the relationship stand and if there is still some saving grace available to them. “Through the counseling process, couples find ways to improve their level of relationship satisfaction, sometimes they can also identify obstacles or characteristics that are too much to bear for either person or for the relationship to overcome.” Dana Baduna, PhD, LMFT explains.


Indeed, couples counseling is an excellent way to strengthen the marital bond between husband and wife. Because of this short-term therapy, many of my former clients’ marriages have been saved. To learn more about this, visit BetterHelp today.