Wedding Photography

Wedding Day: A Day Of Love And Romance

I had fun attending the 2019 Wedding Expo I attended in Los Angeles, California. I can say that it was a successful one based on the guests arriving and the different wedding organizers who were present to showcase their wedding packages. The expo was a good venue for some ideas and even for actual planning […]

I Love Being A Wedding Planner

The 2017 Wedding Coverage Event was so much fun! We checked on the “The Glastonbury Boathouse,” and it was divine! My eyes lit up, with hearts in it like the Emoji, when I saw the venue. It was beautiful with a capital B. If I were getting married in Glastonbury, I would surely include that […]

New Trends In Wedding Photography 

For the longest time, weddings have been a favorite subject of photographers. People always want to have such a momentous occasion documented, leading to innovative ways to capture precious moments between the bride, groom and their guests.     

Common Mistakes When Selecting A Wedding Photographer

    Don’t just settle, select wisely.   Ah, weddings! Your wedding day is the day when you walk down the aisle and pledge your undying love; thus marking another important chapter in your life. Weddings are joyous, wonderful events that are cherished by memories ingrained in photographs.