Photography In General

The Use Of Guided Therapeutic Imagery In Counseling

When you see an old photo of yourself or loved ones from years back, what do you feel? Pictures of these events probably trigger a rush of memories and emotions. Snapshots of a trip overseas, your graduation, your first day at work—these probably make you remember how excited, happy, or nervous you were.  Photos are […]

Frequently Asked Questions On Anxiety Vs. Panic Attack

   You may have heard the terms panic attack and anxiety attack used by most people interchangeably. They seem to have the same meaning, some of which may include shortness of breath, nausea, and rapid heartbeat. But in practice, anxiety and panic have distinct features, and behavioral health providers use these phrases for specific disorders […]

Taking Family Pictures Is Important For A Child’s Development

  Source:     Almost everyone is bringing along a camera in their purses or pockets nowadays – because almost everyone has a smartphone – but then it is clearly no substitute for a professional camera. It has been and always will be the perfect tool to use if you want to capture a […]

Wedding Sacrifices In The Time Of Coronavirus

In an unexpected situation like this where there’s a Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people are trying their best to adjust. Most individuals keep track of their health, maintain social distance with others, survive the financial crisis, and many more. And along with all the sacrifices they need to face, the perseverance in dealing with […]

How Selfies Keep You Sane From This World Health Crisis

Since the world is on lockdown due to Coronavirus, almost all people spend more time with their smartphones. Admittedly, they use social media not only to get the latest information about the situation. But they also use most of the platforms to distract themselves from negative thoughts of this pandemic issue. With that, they somehow […]

How Photo-Sharing Social Sites Can Document Your Relationship 

Social media networks have become a significant platform for everyone to showcase who they are, what they are doing, the places they have all been to, and a lot more involving their daily lives. Nowadays, wordy statuses are not enough. Pictures are already in for telling a hundred words.      

Tips To Upgrade Your Wedding And Family Photos 

Nowadays, it all boils down to the game of who has the best pictures on social media. Having one of the most liked images on social media means that you have a novel concept. Having more likes also means that your picture abides by conventions of style. Most importantly, your picture conveys more than meets the eye.        

7 Tips For Capturing Love During A Couples Photo Shoot 

Couple photography is like producing a visual storybook–a story of love, fondness and a happily ever after. The intimate emotions and deep connection between the couple are always interesting subjects to capture. However, it can be quite difficult to catch these subjects. Difficulty increases when the lovebirds are not naturals when it comes to posing in front […]