Wedding Sacrifices In The Time Of Coronavirus

In an unexpected situation like this where there’s a Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people are trying their best to adjust. Most individuals keep track of their health, maintain social distance with others, survive the financial crisis, and many more. And along with all the sacrifices they need to face, the perseverance in dealing with life change is present. For most couples who want to settle and bring their relationship to the next level, getting married becomes challenging during this pandemic. There are a lot of things that couples need to consider.


Smart Financial Decisions

Surely, couples who are planning to get married already made some arrangements. Probably, some of them previously managed to set up their schedules and everything they need to have a memorable wedding day. But since there is an outbreak, most couples intend to spend their hard-earned money in a more practical way. Couples are aware of the pandemic situation, and they know how important every penny is. Thus, they become smart in making financial decisions. That is why most weddings during this pandemic tend to be small and less extravagant. Couples are putting more effort into saving their money for future use instead of spending too much on a one-day celebration.


Cancellations And Apologies

As much as couples want to see everyone they love present on their most special day, most of them are canceling and apologizing for the inconvenience. Some of these inconveniences include changes in schedules, flight cancellations, and reservation refunds. Honestly, there is nothing much to do with this unfortunate situation. That is why couples are trying to become open about their situation as much as possible, and guests are okay with that. Admittedly, it is a sad decision to do because some of the guests are maybe expecting to be there and celebrate with the couples. Unfortunately, the need for cancellation is a must.


Limited Social Connection

Weddings are expected to be celebrated by a lot of people. Family, friends, relatives, colleagues are expected to be there. But in this time of crisis, people attending the wedding are few in numbers. That is because they follow the social distancing protocol. Honestly, it is quite sad to have few people around on a very special day for couples. But considering the situation and the health of the people who are going to attend, it is much better that couples leave it that way and only invite a few individuals. That is why weddings during this pandemic time sometimes only have less than ten individuals in the ceremony. Only those important people who play a significant role in each couple’s lives are given the opportunity to witness a memorable scene.


No After-Parties

Weddings are supposed to have after-parties. It is the most fantastic part of the celebration where people get to know each other and have fun with the crowd. But since there is an outbreak, weddings in this time of the pandemic are disregarding after-parties. Truthfully, it is a bit sad because that is the most enjoyable time of the wedding. It is where people dance, drink, and celebrate with music. There are games in the program, and guests of all ages can join as well. However, no matter how exciting a wedding can be, couples are trying their best not to put their loved ones in a devastating situation during this health crisis. Thus, most weddings at this time often end with only a ceremony and no after-parties.

Indeed, couples are in a situation where their patience and open-mindedness are tested. But considering the pandemic crisis, they should continue to consider what is best for everyone.

Wedding Day: A Day Of Love And Romance


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