How Selfies Keep You Sane From This World Health Crisis

Since the world is on lockdown due to Coronavirus, almost all people spend more time with their smartphones. Admittedly, they use social media not only to get the latest information about the situation. But they also use most of the platforms to distract themselves from negative thoughts of this pandemic issue. With that, they somehow manage to indulge themselves in creating clips and videos, as well as taking selfies.


With the approach of social networks such as Facebook, selfies become increasingly popular. I bet you are also one of those people who love taking self-portraits. Perhaps you find it a popular trend that millennial people used to do. But do you know there is a list of benefits that selfies can provide? Yes, a selfie is a thought and action of taking pictures of you that serves a self-serving bias. Though for most individuals, it represents a narcissistic behavior, some experts view it as a habit that supports a healthy ego. It merely symbolizes love for one’s self.

The Advantages Of Taking Selfies

Real-Time Interaction – Selfies can be used to share who you are to the world. The spontaneous pictures of yourself somehow allow you to broadcast a sense of humor, serious side, and even flattering physical attributes. It meant to give other people a fleeting glimpse of your life and adventures that is sharable to friends and family in real-time.


Self-Expression – A photograph you usually take can help in expressing yourself in a lot of different ways. It helps in developing your perspective about beauty and confidence. It allows you to share who you are regardless of societal standards of beauty perfection. Selfies intend to bring you the kind of self-awareness that helps you become who you want to be despite the judgment and criticisms of the public.

Self-Presentation – Self-presentation is a part of our daily lives. It is the process of strategically revealing or concealing personal information about our lives. It serves to influence other people’s perceptions of us. So the idea of presenting yourself positively to the world allows other people to feel positive about themselves as well. You can add inspiration to those people who cannot seem to find solace in this pandemic situation.


Cutting Loose – Selfies are a great way to have fun, especially in this lockdown situation. It allows you to play and forget about the responsibilities and worries you currently have, even just for a few minutes. Despite the situation, it assures you the confidence to smile and not worry about anything. It serves as a positive distraction to the stuck up negative thoughts in your head.

Capturing Creativity – With the use of social media platforms like Instagram, selfies can have a wide variety of upgrades. A picture then has a chance to get shot in a million different ways. In the platform, you can add filters, backgrounds, emojis, and a lot more. It helps in developing your unique sense of style as well as enhances your creativity.


Self-Love – Selfies are not just about pictures of you flaunting your assets. Well, it somehow relates to that, but in a more profound reason, it means self-love. You find yourself appreciating what you are. The self-portrait you take of yourself represents your self-esteem that engages in a realistic appraisal of your qualities and physical attributes that are necessary for healthy overall development.

Taking selfies is not at all a narcissistic behavior contrary to what others think of it. So if you want to make a self-portrait from your phone, then do it. If that is the only thing that will keep you sane during this global health crisis.