October 2019

Photography Therapy: Utilizing Visual Footprints For Mental Health

      Considered as footprints of one’s mind, photographs hold that silent stillness which reflects memories that a person holds dear. Nonetheless, snapshots are documentations of people’s lives that may significantly encourage positive ideations leading to a healthier state of mind.   Creating Meaning From Imaging   “Most people have a loud inner critic […]

Keeping It Sane With Photography: A Creative Counseling Technique

        For a considerable amount of years, photography has been present to deliver images and events that represent emotions like fear, happiness, sadness, and love. While photography is done for numerous reasons – a hobby or a way of living – there are those who consider the art as a way to […]

Trendy Throwback Thursday  [Why People Are Crazy About It]

      Throwback Thursday is a popular way to reminisce about the good old days. People would post a photo online, usually Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with the caption or hashtag “ThrowbackThursday.” These are pictures of them when they were little, an old place that meant a lot, a doodle that used to symbolize […]

How To Stop Being A Camera-Shy Individual

    Some people go crazy at taking pictures, to the point that they turn a pastime into a way of life. Many social media stars rose to fame due to the incredible photos they post online on a regular basis. Were they all taken with a regular camera phone? Nope – a lot of […]