Top 5 Photography Tips For Posing People Who Aren’t Models



Taking pictures of people, especially family or friends, is easy. You raise your camera, ask everyone to smile, and that’s it. However, it’s not always smooth sailing, especially when dealing with people who are either uncomfortable in front of the camera or clueless about their excellent angles. Sometimes, they need an extra nudge or two to help them look their best in photos.

Here are five tips on how to pose people who have zero modeling experience.

Build Rapport With Your Subject

When working with models, regardless of their experience, you should first create a comfortable working atmosphere for everyone involved in the project. As the photographer, you should establish trust between you and the model so that he or she could also bring out their A-game during the shoot. An uncomfortable model will only produce awkward-looking photos.

Direct Through Scenarios

When working with people inexperienced in modeling, you cannot expect them to carry out poses that professional models do. At one point, you will work with people who are unsure of how to move their bodies, but this is not necessarily a hindrance.

Instead of instructing them about angles and hand placements, direct them by creating scenarios that they can act out. Use the language of emotions and ask them to convey a message, and an expressive photo will surely follow.



Natural Expressions Over Forced Expression

Forcing your model to show an expression that they do not understand will only produce awkward or half-baked results. At best, your photo will look dull; at worst, its message will appear confusing. To remedy this, take advantage of your model’s natural expressions to create unique and dynamic photos. With a little shift of perspective, your creativity as a photographer is more than enough to transform these candid looks into beautiful images.

Use Motion For A More Dynamic Look

Instead of asking your model to do poses that they’re untrained to pull off, use motion instead to create an illusion of a laid back and confident look in your model. You could direct them to do simple movements like stretching or walking forward, and you’ll notice at once the difference between a stationary and frozen pose compared to a moving pose. Your model’s limbs will appear loose and relaxed, instead of stiff and awkward, and the overall vibe of your photos will improve.

Communicate And Engage



The last tip is to communicate consistently with your model. It’s natural for people to feel awkward or insecure, especially those who are not used to being in front of the camera. During a shoot, when working with an inexperienced model, they might feel uneasy during silent moments. Part of the job is to keep your model engaged to prevent awkwardness that might interfere with your flow as a team.

Directing models is an essential skill that every photographer must develop. Sometimes you do not have the luxury to choose your models; sometimes, you don’t get to work with professional ones. But this doesn’t have to cramp your style as a photographer. Using these tips, you can transform anyone and make them look like professional models and boost the quality of your work at the same time.