How To Use Your Creativity To Boost Mental Wellness

Being able to look at a subject matter in a way that others have never imagined before and showing what’s in your mind through creativity is a real talent. Anyone can hold a camera, after all, but not everyone can capture a specific emotion or a motion that well. The same goes for the fact that anyone can use a pen and paper, yet you cannot expect all to be great at writing or drawing.

However, the truth is that only the individuals who have embraced their artistic side and are making a living out of it know how to use creativity for their mental stability’s sake. Many pour their feelings into blogs; some express their thoughts with every stroke of the brush on a canvas. The others who chose a non-artistic path but quite have a creative instinct have qualms about doing the same, thus making themselves more prone to developing a psychological disorder that’s induced by stress, anger, grief, lack of confidence, etc.

Considering you got some artistic bones in you, and you don’t want to suffer from an illness that affects your brain function, you should utilize your creativity to boost mental wellness. Here’s how you can do that effortlessly.


Focus On Self-Expression

For any form of art that you decide to take on a more serious level, you ought to ensure that it will allow you to express yourself in the best way possible. Say, if you have exceptional verbal skills, you can try spoken poetry or single. If you are excellent with your hands, you may draw, sculpt, or paint. In case your movements are fluid, you can dance or do improvisation. Thus, your thoughts don’t get stuck in your mind for too long.

Make Arts And Crafts Your Hobby

Now, assuming you are too shy to put yourself out there and show everyone your artistic capabilities, you are free to start with making arts and crafts as your pastime. Many tutorials are available online now for every home project that you can do at home easily. Instead of buying pillowcases, for instance, you may learn how to sew or knit them. If there is a wall decoration that you’ve seen at the store, you can recreate that as well.

“The art *process* itself is where the magic happens! It is not about making “good” art — this art is from the inside and it is not always going to look “pretty.” –Elena Lamaak, MA, LMHC


The sense of fulfillment that you will experience after every successful crafting project allows you to feel awesome deep inside. Not to mention, your brain gets to concentrate on something else other than your worries.

Try An Activity That Will Test Your Problem-Solving Skills

It seems typical for people living with a mental disorder to feel like they cannot separate themselves from the disease at all. The truth, however, is that their ability to solve problems are merely lacking. What helps in this situation is to pick up a new creative activity that can push against your boundaries.

“Intellectual wellness is when you recognize your unique talents to be creative and you seek out ways to use your knowledge and skills. When you foster your intellectual wellness, you participate in activities that cultivate mental growth.” –Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC


For example, in case you have always sketched stuff on paper, why don’t you start painting on a canvas for a change? If you love photographing still subjects, why don’t you try taking pictures of animate objects? Such activities won’t be annoying since they are within your scope of interest, but they can undoubtedly enable you to think and plan more. Once you come across a real-life issue, therefore, you may apply the same technique you used to resolve your artistic challenges.

“Negative thoughts are just a part of life, but they don’t have to consume you. Instead of trying to ignore those thoughts altogether, try countering them with positive statements.” –John Mayer, Ph.D.

There is no other perfect time to tap into the artist in you to boost your mental wellness than now. Don’t hesitate to show your creativity and utilize it for your well-being. Good luck!