Trendy Throwback Thursday [Why People Are Crazy About It]





Throwback Thursday is a popular way to reminisce about the good old days. People would post a photo online, usually Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with the caption or hashtag “ThrowbackThursday.” These are pictures of them when they were little, an old place that meant a lot, a doodle that used to symbolize something, a letter, or old clothes and stuff that are sentimental.


People would usually look forward to the future, not the past. What are the subconscious reasons why people are so fond of throwbacks?


Why Do People Love Throwback Thursday?


  1. Feeling Nostalgic


When we go to our old stuff and see some old family photos, there’s a certain feeling that sparks within us. It brings back memories of happy moments we had with the people who matter to us a lot. It is a way of reminiscing and looking back at how great life was.


Looking at our throwback photos makes us feel sentimental in a meaningful way. It makes us remember our childhood and teenage days when life was happy and carefree. Adult people tend to wish for these days to come back, even just for a second.


  1. Looking Back On Our Dreams


Having a glimpse better, like when you see an old photo of you playing the piano. It could be a reminder of your dream of being a musician. It could somehow awaken your desire of actually being good at it and start doing something to make it happen.




Maybe you had a dream of putting up your own pastry house, and you see an old photo of you and your mom baking. It could be an inspiration and motivation to start pursuing what you love. That is if you haven’t yet, but if you already have, throwback photos remind us that every success comes from a small beginning.


  1. Following Trend


Since posting throwback photos became popular nowadays, it wouldn’t hurt posting one of your own. Following the trend can improve our social skills, especially now that social media is the new place to hang out.


Posting your throwback photos online can show your softer side. It could tell the people who used to be a part of your life that you treasure those moments together and that you value whatever memories you had with them.


  1. Embracing Change


Sharing photos is easier today. In fact, taking photos is easier! Back in the days, it could cost so much just to have your family photo taken, and it could be only twice in one’s lifetime. The technology nowadays has made it possible for us to have our sure taken twice in a minute or maybe more!




Throwback Thursday is a way for us to connect to the old us. It can be a good or bad thing, but it is always exciting and worthwhile. Our past is a part of our lives that made us who we are and where we are today. There is nothing wrong with loving the throwbacks. It is one way to appreciate and be grateful for the life we had.