Top 5 Secrets To Help You Deal With Someone Who Has ADHD 

There are several challenges that you will encounter when it comes to dealing with a person who has a mental health issue or problem. Take note that persons who are mentally ill can have different views and opinions about certain things. At the same time, they may also act differently than what is generally expected by the society. In this article, our primary focus is about the secrets on how one can best deal or interact with someone suffering from ADHD.




Here are some of the things that you must never forget:


Be A Role Model


A person who has ADHD can become an annoying individual in the community. He can be the ultimate source of some problems and issues. Because of this, it is essential on your part to guide him on how to do things the right way. Learn how to become a role model to the said person so that he will not go astray. Let him feel that you are always there to guide him in every step of the way.

“When people think about attention deficit disorder (ADHD), they usually consider it a childhood problem. However, a large proportion — between 30 and 70 percent — of children with the condition remain affected throughout adulthood.” –Ben Martin, Psy.D

Help Him Remember




One of the symptoms of ADHD is being forgetful. Always remember that the forgetfulness of the other person is not something that he wants to promote. He forgets about essential items involuntarily. As such, you must help him remember, especially if the one involved is a person who is close to your heart. Most importantly, never blame him for showing this particular symptom. Because as Ryan Parks, M.Ed, LPCC once said, “Our society tells us that if you talk about your issues, express your feelings, or even verbalize you have a mental health disorder, you must be “weak.”.”


Use The Right Tone And Words


Try to be sensitive whenever you talk to a person who is suffering from ADHD. You need to be extra careful with what you are going to say or do because it can trigger something within them. As much as possible, try to think twice before you speak something. Aside from this, you must also make an effort in talking nicely to the other person even if he has already caused some annoyance or irritation.


Read About ADHD



“The very nature of ADHD implies that the child will have difficulty with self-control, paying attention, listening to instructions at home and school, and following directions.” Kara Tamanini, M.S., LMHC said. The truth is that you cannot offer support or assistance to the person with ADHD if you do not have any knowledge about this mental health issue. It is the primary reason why you have to research about the condition or disorder. Do not rely on what you read from websites that contain fake articles or content. Instead, only use reliable materials. If you are unsure about the information that you read, it is safe to inquire more about it with a psychiatrist or therapist.


Choose To Encourage Him


Another vital secret that you must never forget is to be an encouraging individual to the other person who has ADHD. Make him feel that you accept his flaws no matter what happens. The first step for this is to acknowledge his condition so that it will be easier on your part to look for the right solutions. Instead of giving him reasons to doubt himself, the ideal step is to encourage him to get better.




Dealing with a person who has a mental disorder can be exhausting. However, all your efforts will be worth it the moment you will master the entire process. The key to surviving this situation is to increase the levels of your patience and understanding.