New Trends In Wedding Photography 

For the longest time, weddings have been a favorite subject of photographers. People always want to have such a momentous occasion documented, leading to innovative ways to capture precious moments between the bride, groom and their guests. 





Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends that have been popular with recent weddings. 


Drone Wedding Photography 

Drones have come into prominence over the past few years. While they’re RC helicopters for adults, photographers have made good use of them. They’ve been able to take excellent nature shots of landscapes, and they’ve made their way into the wedding scene as well. 





More and more couples have become interested in wide-angle shots of their intricately-planned weddings. After all, when you’ve spent all that time planning your big day, you might as well have photos from all angles and of all kinds. 


Drone photography has been especially popular with couples who get married abroad or in other scenic destinations. While some places have the use of such devices regulated, many wedding organizers and couples manage to sneak in the use of their drones. 


Same-Day Editing 

As much as we want to see those snapshots of one of the most important days of our lives, photo editing takes a lot of time. In the past, photographers would take even up to a month to painstakingly go through each photo, editing it enough to enhance the image. However, a recent trend is showcasing a slideshow of wedding photos in the reception itself. 


Same-day edits have become increasingly popular, but many photographers have expressed dislike for it. Not only does it bring in additional pressure, stress, and work, but such can also affect the quality of your photos. As mentioned earlier, editing does take time. 


Moreover, when your photographer goes behind the scenes to prepare for your wedding slideshow, that’s one less person who can document your reception. While your ceremony is very much important, the party and time spent after can be just as full of precious memories. These are moments you don’t want to miss out on. 


Wedding Photo Teasers 

As an alternative to same-day editing, many couples have found a way to compromise with their photographers through teasers. It is when a few edited photos are shared either at the end of the reception or on social media the next day. 


The teasers are significantly more feasible than same-day edits and allow your photographer more time to go through images that they have captured carefully. 


Pre-Wedding Photoshoots 




Another trend that’s gaining attention is the pre-wedding photoshoot. Take note that this is different from wedding announcements and engagement shoots. It is when posed photographs are taken of the couple, the entourage and close relatives before the actual ceremony. Although some have expressed hesitation towards this as it means the two people about to tie the knot get to see each other before the actual wedding, many photographers have reported that it adds to the intimacy between the two. The exact moment of seeing each other is then captured, free from potential obstructions from guests’ camera phones. 


Are The Trends Worth Following? 

As with other things, trends are simply that: trends. While these are things that have captured the public’s attention, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow them. Always communicate with your significant other and the wedding photographer to figure out how to best document your big day.