I Love Being A Wedding Planner

Source: pexels.com

The 2017 Wedding Coverage Event was so much fun! We checked on the “The Glastonbury Boathouse,” and it was divine! My eyes lit up, with hearts in it like the Emoji, when I saw the venue. It was beautiful with a capital B. If I were getting married in Glastonbury, I would surely include that place in my top 3 list.

I know, you will say – what kind of a wedding planner is this, she’s not even married! It’s okay. Not all doctors or nurses are married. A seasoned sports doctor cannot treat himself when he has respiratory issues. He has to go to a specialist. The analogy is the same for me. I don’t have to be married to be great at what I do. All I need is experience, knowledge, and wit to get the job done and make the bride so happy on her day.

Source: pexels.com

During my childhood days, I would set up tea parties for me and my dolls. That’s how I started with my planning and event organizing skills. I would place the tea table in the middle of the room and then go to my mom’s closet for a table cloth. She would get so angry at me if I take without permission since I always spill the tea on it. And yes, I would prepare tea. My grandmother gave me a China tea set on my 8th birthday, and I took good of it. Until now, it’s there in my cabinet. I would pour tea for me and my “guests” while I also place Danish cookies on the side.

It was fun then, and it is fun now. In high school, I took charge of the parties – homecoming, prom, and everything else in between. They would always commend me of my work, but I say, I just love doing it. It is me. Making activities and events happen accordingly is what I am good at, and it is what I intend to do all my life. It is who I am.

My work is “not work.” It is a combination of passion, purpose, and love. And it makes me so happy as I wake up every single day.