How Photo-Sharing Social Sites Can Document Your Relationship 

Social media networks have become a significant platform for everyone to showcase who they are, what they are doing, the places they have all been to, and a lot more involving their daily lives. Nowadays, wordy statuses are not enough. Pictures are already in for telling a hundred words.  




What’s the use of these photo-sharing apps for couples? Others may be using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and blog-hosting sites to earn money through online advertisements (with their ‘in relationship’ status as a part of marketing). However, there are a whole lot more that lovers seem to forget about photography and internet connectivity: it’s the preservation of memories and a record of growing together.  


Small Relationship Steps Can Be Preserved By Photography 

Photos are for reminiscing and vividly experiencing again the past. They are a proof that you’ve been here, you’ve encountered this, or you’ve done that. Furthermore, photos posted and shared online are digital and indestructible pieces of your most forgettable memories.  


Everyone grows every day, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Relationships develop as well, from being wary of each other’s wants and need to be comfortable with each other. Photography and online connectivity can capture these small moments and store them for future viewing and reminiscing.  




Pictures even on your very first date can make you appreciate small steps that will eventually produce more noticeable results. Photos, with accompanying hash tags, statuses and short messages, can take you back to that time. Generally, the arrangement and succession of photos each of the couple posts online would tell a love story.  


Relationship Goals Through Social Photo-Sharing Can Inspire Others 

Pictures of a couple doing something funny or certain exciting tasks are usually and widely shared, if not sought, online. Others may deem this as a harmful habit, as people would continually search for a perfect relationship based on what they see online (but this is for couples who post everything – from lovers’ fights to their dramatic relationship woes).  



Keep this in mind: It’s not bad that you post your adventures as a couple in social media. While others may find these too many relationship pictures annoying, many people will still find motivation from your unfolding love story. Just remember not to overpost everything.  


Online Photo-Sharing Sites Capture The Beauty Of Being In Love 

People take pictures when they are at their happiest. Taking photos of you and your partner enjoying stuff together will let you revisit the pleasant feelings associated with being in love. Photography is more tilted to the positive side. Old people, when feeling down or dejected, would usually open dusty photo albums to make themselves smile.  


In fact, forget about the quality of photos and the camera used. Relationship photography is more into the quality of smiles and happiness shown in the picture. After all, one of the features of photography is that it captures rare and beautiful moments.  




It’s time for lovers to appreciate the beauty of the mixture of photography and social networking. If you notice it, Facebook and Instagram have already become the ‘relationship status update’ for couples. Breaking up now means the deletion of their entire pictures together from these social media networks. This fact alone tells us one thing – internet and photography when combined create a vivid replay of every memory – more vivid especially when the memory was shared by two people in love.