A Family Portrait

A family portrait could be one of the essential memorabilia you can have in the house. It is a photograph of the whole family that will remind us of the one thing that matters when everything else changes. Someday, when all kids grow up and parents retire from their tiresome jobs, they will look at their family portrait and will reminisce all the moments spent together.

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Right Time To Take A Family Portrait:


  • A family can consist of just the husband and wife. Aside from your wedding photography. It is nice to have a portrait of only the two of you at the beginning.


  • Have your family portrait taken every time your family grows. This way, you will have a reminder of how you were starting as a family.


  • It is also good to have a family portrait when all the kids are in their teenage years. Aside from the developmental milestone, it is a pleasant reminder of how they have grown from kids to teens.


  • Have a family portrait with all your kids and their kids. Your family will soon grow, and it’s nice to take a picture of the whole clan including the grandchildren.


Benefits Of Having A Family Portrait:


  • It is a reminder of our most treasured possession. We love our family more than anything in this world, and people do everything for the love of their families. Family portraits remind us of the people we hold dear that no matter where we go, we can keep them close just by bringing a small family portrait.


  • It makes us rooted to where we started. No matter where we are, or no matter what we have achieved in life, we all started from somewhere, and it is in our family. It is nice to keep ourselves grounded in where we began.


  • It touches our emotions. Notice how many times you see the scene in a movie where the character sees a family portrait and changes his heart. A terrible person could show a soft side and feel vulnerable just by looking at a family portrait. Also, when the main character loses hope and is about to give up, seeing a family portrait motivates him to fight and go on.


  • It is a portrait of love. It showcases love captured in four corners of the frame. A family portrait will always be a photo of happiness and love. All the smiles, feelings, and affection are genuine.


Places To Keep Family Portraits:

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  • Some people use their family portrait as their profile photo on social media. It shows how much a person cares for his family and that it is his primary code of life.


  • Some also keep family portraits on their wallets where there’s always a place for photos.


  • Some may own a pendant or a locket where they can keep portraits of their loved ones. It should be of considerable size though depending on the number of people in your family.


  • Family portraits are hung on the wall of the house particularly the living area, or sometimes it could be in a picture frame on a table.


Family portraits will always be one of the most valuable possessions we have. There’s even a movie where a man who recently died because of old age who was also the husband of a deceased art collector auctioned their collection including the portrait of his only family, his wife. Because it didn’t cost so much, a young man bought it to impress the woman he loved. They didn’t know that whoever purchased the portrait will have all the entire collection. Though it was not a photograph but a painting, it still goes to show that family portraits are priceless and will always be of the highest value.